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We have a new board!

On May 21st the First General Assembly of Limmud Europe elected a new board. We are very excited to have a diverse board of Limmudnicks from North and South, East, West and Centre of Europe, with versatile backgrounds, professions and views - in a true Limmud spirit.

The role of the new board will be to provide strategic vision in this new chapter of the Limmud Europe entity and lead it from strength to strength. Heartfelt congratulations to all the new nominees, let us meet them:
  • Judith Orland (Germany) - Co-Chair. Judith is working on the intersection of digital technologies and democracy. She has been part of Limmud Germany team for many years. Judith has a particular interest in the pan-European projects.
  • Marika Guralnik (Estonia) - Co-Chair. Marika is heading the actuarial division of a pan-Baltic insurance company. She also takes an active part in International Actuarial Association in a variety of roles. Marika is a member of the board of the Estonian Jewish Community and a co-founder of Limmud Baltics. In her free time, she is a member of "ma-S-ka" vocal duo performing Jewish music.
  • Eddy Robles (Netherlands) - Treasurer. Eddy is a fresh Limmudnick with extensive experience in finance.
  • Antónia Szenthe (Hungary) - Secretary. Antonia is psychologist, involved in social work and other aspects of Hungarian Jewish life. She is at the helm of Limmud Hungary.
  • Silvia Bemporad (Italy) - Board Member. Silvia has a degree in Glottology and works as a translator and educator. She is a co-founder and board member of Limmud Italia since 2012.
  • Dóra Pataricza (Finland) - Board Member. Dóra is a historian, working as a post-doctoral researcher, passionate about Jewish learning and community building. Member of the Limmud Helsinki board, she connects Finland and Hungary in her personal and professional life.
  • Albert Ringer (Netherlands) - Board Member. Albert is a semi-retired rabbi with experience in IT and a 3D printing afficionado. He was instrumental in relaunching Limmud Netherlands in recent years.

Profound thanks to Judith Orland and Albert Ringer, who bravely served as interim co-chairs for 2 years and led Limmud Europe through the turmoils of registration process with great vision and commitment. Your work cannot be overestimated.

Dear Limmudnicks, Liebe Freunde!

Limmud Europe is a direct result of a new energy amongst European Jews, in a post-pandemic, increasingly connected Limmud world. In particular in the last two years you have all helped regenerate and reinvigorate Limmud with pan European initiatives like LEV (Limmud Europe Values), Limmud Med, Limmud Rhine or Baltisher Limmud. You have also successfully organized the first local Limmud events after many years of hiatus (not only resulting from the pandemic): in Italy, in the Netherlands, in Hungary and other places.

This year we will see even more of these grass-roots initiatives with the first Limmud ever to be held in Luxembourg and Valencia in December, and upcoming Limmud Danube and Limmud Med.
Join in Hannover 9.-11. June 2023
Today we want to congratulate, who have been working around the clock to organize the first Limmud Festival in Germany since 2017! Organized in the beautiful Villa Seligmann in Hannover, it is the event for Jews in Germany and around Europe. Packed with workshops, discussions and text study in your European language of choice (German, English, Russian or Ukrainian), here is a taste of what's to come.

There are still a few places left. So don't delay and...
Do you enjoy spending time in a multicultural environment? Would you like to share your talents to strentghen European Jewry? Limmud Europe is looking for volunteers to join:
  • Limmud Danube Team - a team working to develop programming for our "bodies of water" series, this time focusing on the rivier Danube. Exploring the rich heritage as well as contemporary complications of communities living in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Limmud Systems Team - if you have IT skills or a good systems brain we would love your support in the delivery of the next stage of our website and implementing a CiviCRM system to improve our operations. In short: looking for Geekmudniks!
  • Development & Training - with more teams approaching us for help, we would love people to help us think what kind of training to provide our European Limmud family and how to best design a leadership development path for our volunteers.
  • Limmud Communications Team - if you love to write, feel comfortable around social media and have lots to say and enjoy creating content - please make sure to reach out to us and let us know!
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